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Butterfly XR Studio creates apps with artistic experiences treating mental health and taboo subjects dedicated to women, by using the innovative technology, like XR and metaverse.

Our goal is to empower women in important periods of their life and help them to overcome their psychological traumas and limits





Why Storytelling and technology?

We want a spectator to feel strong empathy with fictional characters, and through them, better understanding of oneself and hidden emotions. By acting on emotions, immersive technology could positively influence thinking process and enhance emotion regulation skills.

Secondly, Immersive technology, as XR, is a perfect learning solution, that through a greater level of engagement, possibility of repetitiveness, and improved attention shows a high level of knowledge transfer (by using kinesthetic, visual and auditory modalities). It enables the audience to memorize the therapeutic healing methods seen in the app.

Another advantage of fiction storytelling form of the experience is that spectators know that the experience is not real and they could more easily face difficult situations inside the film.

PROJECT “Let the Butterfly Go”

“Let the butterfly go” is an international project, that by using artistic vision, symbolic metaphors of fairy tale, and new technologies, helps to do the ritual of mourning the abortion decision, as well as healing and letting go of post-abortion trauma.


The goal of this healing journey is to create a virtual space to do the ritual of mourning and to learn therapeutic healing methods of treating post-abortion trauma.

Another objective is to remind women who took this decision that they are valuable and conscious human beings who have the power to transform any hard event into a lesson.


This project will be part of an after-abortion treatment and thus promoted and distributed in organizations helping women with taking decisions about abortion and planning sexual life on an international level, NGO and pro-choice and women organizations in the world.

It will be accessible as well to a larger, international public.


Accordingly to WHO statistics, three out of ten of all pregnancies in the world end in induced abortion.

However, the abortion is hidden, it is a shameful secret, not revealed to many, or not revealed at all, especially if it is against the law or not accepted by religion or social norms. Nowadays, we see regression in this field: almost total ban in Poland (February 2021), wave of the anti-abortion laws in US encouraged by the former president, Donald Trump, total ban in Malta, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic and only allowed in certain restricted circumstances in most other Latin American and African nations.

Hiding abortion as a secret, not having loving support around, could provoke many psychological traumas for women.

Women might experience:

  • post-abortion pain, depression,

  • harsh self-judgements,

  • and diminished their value.


As our projects touch psychological state of women, it’s highly important for us to work closely with psychologists and researchers.

We are currently discussing with researchers, psychologist specialized in abortion traumas and Universities on international level in order to establish a solid partnership with them.

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Our team

We are a team of women, passionate about creating impactful stories that will help women to overcome their limits.

Urszula Gleisner, the founder, is an expert in immersive content, giving and organizing conferences on this subject, as well as consultant on strategy & marketing, development and management of international projects.

She has been involved in international projects and festivals such as a live concert of Jean-Michel Jarre in virtual reality “Alone Together” produced by VRrOOm, the international festival of digital art “Recto VRso”, “Learn Do Share" festival “for good” in Poland, Screen4All in France, DISCOP in South Africa.

Her 20 years of experience in international organizations and new media companies (UNESCO, Technicolor, Thomson, Hewlett-Packard, VRrOOm, Gleisner Consulting) allows her to effectively create marketing strategy, management & development of the project.

Today, Urszula collaborate in projects that bring positive values for society. Recently, she was mentor for Hack the Hospital, organized by Garage Stories and Mobile World Capital Barcelona, on how to improve the experience of long-term pediatric patients and their families at the hospitals and the GOOGLE.ORG IMPACT CHALLENGE CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE 2021.

She holds an MBA in International Business and Media Production.